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Nov 24, 2011

Education Opportunities in the USA

Consulate Office of the US Embassy in BiH paid one of its frequent visits to International Burch University on November 23, 2011. Mr.Pepijin Helgers, Consulate Officer at the US Embassy, held an informative seminar on Education Opportunities in USA and US Visa Processes. Mr. Helgers explained the available opportunities for the university students, living and study in the USA.


Consulate Officer Helgers stated there is a decrease in the number of students from BiH willing to continue their education in the USA, mostly because students think they may not get enough financial support from their families. However, Mr. James Hagungruber, Cultural Officer stressed that there are various scholarships and funding available for Bosnian students, and that the chance of being granted is actually higher since there are now less applicants compared to previous years. According to Mr. Helgers words, as long as students are well-qualified in academic terms and as long as they want to come back to their own countries to implement their knowledge in BiH after their education, there is no point in hesitating to apply for the scholarship.


Mr. Helgers asked the students not to think of the financial issues at the first stage if they want to apply for a programme to study in the USA. He explained what students should do step by step provided that they want to study or involve in any work and travel programmes in the US. He also mentioned the visa application process and gave some tips for students not to have problems while applying for American visa.


Officer Helgers answered the further questions directed by the students on Work and Travel, Au Pair programmes and visa application process at the end of the seminar. He encouraged students to enjoy America and American culture by studying or participating in different programs in the US. Mr. Helgers and Mr.Hagengruber were awarded certificate of appreciation for their lecture and a small gift by Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Head of the English Department.


After the seminar,Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, Rector of the University together with the US Embassy Consular Officer Pepijn M. Helgers, delegation and the students have attended the inaugural ceremony of the Circle for American Studies. The project was funded by the US Embassy in Sarajevo. The Circle is designed with a smart board, LCD TV and U shaped table for the meetings, discussions and special occasions. US Consulate Officer Helgers hoped to continue the collaboration between the US Embassy and the Burch University, which will have its impact on better education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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