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Dec 16, 2011

English Linguistics Week Review

The Linguistics Club of the English Department, on 12th, 13th and 14th of December, on the Faculty of Education floor (the Corner Fair) and the room 103 (the performances, the lecture and the movie) proved that it truly is a club for every students' interest by organizing a Linguistics Week. The utimate goal was to present its 7 corners to all International Burch University students, and not only to the ones from the English Department

The Linguistics Week consisted of:

• the Corner Fair that was fully active all 3 days
• the musical and theatrical performances of our talented students
• the movie with popcorn
• Dr. John Ramsburgh's lecture „English studies“

Day 1

This highly entertaining and the most colorful event captivated the students' attention on its very first day, where 15 active members of the club greeted them on their arrival to the university building and presented the Corners in details on the Corner Fair. Presenters of all 7 corners (Readers', Debate, Movie, Courier Magazine, Courier Newsletter, Care for Others, and Language Cafe Corner) were uniformed in special Linguistics Club T-Shirts. On this day, students were very enthusiastic to win a valuable prize by collecting badges of 7 different colours in each of the Corners with the procedure of answering the questions related to the specific field of the corner. The competition was especially designed to enhance the students' general knowledge. This was highly popular among the participants, which could be seen from the fact that the corners were never desserted.


Jasmin Alić, the 2nd grade student of the English Department, did us the honor of giving his highly energetic and enjoyable hip-hop performance at 4 p.m. under the the artistic name Bigga. Among other songs, he presented the official anthem that he made for our Educational Faculty.

Day 2

The second day of the event was rich with diverse pleasurable offers of the Corner Fair. Therefore, the corners offered active games, quizzes, creamy delights, and not to forget the amazingly delicious coffee from the Language Cafe Corner. An original typewriter was a real attention getter at the Courier Newsletter Corner desk, where everyone had the opportunity to try it out. Students were eager to gain literature knowledge offered at the Readers' Corner desk, where they learned a vast number of fun facts about the authors and their works. The Debate Corner attracted new members with a detailed presentation of its leader and founder, Alma I. Milišić. The other corners were certainly not less visited, on the opposite, many students actually wanted to learn differ movie facts at the Movie Corner desk, about the organization of the Courier magazine at its desk, and how to participate in the charitable activities of the Care for Others Corner.

This day was concluded with the cinema atmosphere with the reproduction of the latest animated movie.

Day 3

The closing day was the day where students just couldn't separate themselves from the Corners' desks, because they gained recipes of international dishes from the Language Cafe, played popular social games, interactive ones, chess, and the classical and entertaining „Hangman“.

At 11 a.m., Dr. James Ramsburgh from the University of Michigan held an extensive debate on the English Studies and Multiculturalism in his lecture entitled „English studies“.


The laughter was spreading throughout the room 103 at 1 p.m. as a result of a tremendously diverting and hillarious theatrical performance of Aldin Talić, a stand up comedian and a 3rd year student of the English Department.


A successful Linguistics Week that will certainly be remembered by all attendees was concluded with an Award ceremony. IBU Rector Prof.Dr.Huseyin Padem, Dr. Azamat Akbarov and Dr.Melih Karakuzu handed the valuable prizes to everyone who collected 7 badges during the first day.

In the end, the attendees enjoyed in the miscellaneous tasty salty snacks and sugar delights at the Closing Cockatil accompanied by live music.

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