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Ambassador of Sweden visited International Burch University
Dec 20, 2011

Ambassador of Sweden visited International Burch University

Ambassador of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited International Burch University and kindly introduced all lecture guests with a country of inovation, high GDP, quality cars, environmental care, educational opportunities and implemented gender policy.

H. E. Mr. Bosse Hedberg, Ambassador of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina brought a slice of his country and shared it with the numerous students and university professors, on his lecture ''All about Sweden'', held today in the University Campus.

With a short  introduction about country's good and bad times, Mr. Bosse phrased out that Sweden has not been involved in any kind of conflict since 1814 and that is one of the main reasons of its high development standards.

Another part of the success of the country is directly connected to large investments in public education with a pragmatic cooperation of universities and industrial sector, where an accent is on specific trainings and internship provided for students as a necessary experience for labour market.

Related to industry Mr. Bosse mentioned  few world known companies originated from Sweden such as Ericsson, H&M and Volvo which are handling the today's economic crisis very well. Also, that was a right time to mention the swedish inventions, starting with a phone aparatus, dynamite, steam turbine, safety matches and a ship propeller.

Mr. Bosse explained about Swedish Monarchy and its Royalty, which has no real power, and the Government consisted of eight parties, with Coalition of Right Party and Liberates currently in charge of providing the well known ''Swedish Model'' of democracy. Government is almost equally divided between genders , almost  50% of women, witch is good example of inplemented gender policy.

An important issue in Sweden is sustainable development related to enviromental care, with a recycling  as a part of social life. Example of the obligatory tax for entering with your car to the city center speaks for it self, suggesting you the usage of public transport ran on green power, cycling and walking as a way of care of yourself and others.

All of these things combined, provide the massive GDP of 50,000 $ per capita, that refers to the popularity of Sweden in the imigrants' circles with an ethiqette of ''a promised land''.

Discussion with the students refered to the questions about relation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sweden, where Mr. Bosse said that Sweden is the 3rd donator and investor in BiH and our country is a high on Swedish agenda of priorities, due to the 75 000 Bosnians living in Sweden.

After the students were delivered an informational brochures about studies in Sweden and scholarship opportunities, H. E. Mr. Bosse Hedberg was escorted with an applause and Appreciation Letter handed by the Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Head of  English Department of the University and an organizer of this lecture.


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