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Dec 22, 2011

IBU Students' Stories on Al Jazeera TV

Al Jazeera Balkans visited International Burch University and filmed an ordinary students in their every day activities.

Previously announced visit of Al Jazeera Balkans TV to International Burch University, was done today and resulted with many interesting scenes shot. As a part of the project about foreign students, Al Jazeera's first stop was International Burch University, highly conductive with its multicultural and multinational environment, to participate in the realization of this kind of  project.

Lead by the Assistant Producer Harun Karčić, journalist Adisa Ruždić and a cameraman they were interested in what way the students  handle the foreign country conditions, its language and social issues, trying to make the real human story.

Some of the students were  interviewed, elaborating their choice of studding in Bosnia and Herzegovina and at Burch University, talking about their  future plans whether they include the stay in BiH or not. The atmosphere was totally relaxed as usual in the Bruch Divan.

The accent was on a regular day that students pass through, their gatherings  in the halls and classrooms, their  talks in the cafés and dormitories and their lesson attendance.

As the bottom line of the visit, an interview with the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem occurred, with the general questions about IBU and its future plans as well, ended with the warm talk on today's topics and a hope for the future cooperation.

As far as they could tell, the filmed material should be on Al Jazeera Balkans TV by tomorrow, term 06:00 pm and on internet as well, with the details of the visit provided. It was an opportunity for the students of International Burch University to express their own oppinion and find out how it is to work in a successful international news provider.


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