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Dec 23, 2011

IBU Students Peeked Into Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 20th of December, a group of students from the English Department of International Burch University, alongside the Department's Head Dr. Azamat Akbarov, visited the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo.

Kindly  welcomed, the students were honorable guests of the Head of the House of Representives of the Parliament, Mr. Denis Zvizdić who expressed his true appreciation for the group's visit.

Dr. Akbarov also stated his gratitude to the Parliament for the respectful invitation, and used an opportunity to talk about a number of projects executed by the the English Department at the International Burch University, with an aim of broadening the students' horizonts.

Students  had the chance to ask any preferable questions to Mr. Zvizdic about the policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its impact onto the employment of the youth and the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his answers, Mr. Zvizdic provided enough evidence to prove that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only a place where culture meets diversity, but also a place for very big investments and a starting point for the bright future, especially in its capital city Sarajevo. He reflected on the country's situation through history and how it evolved into a place of great perspectives and business opportunities for every generation, especially the youth.

Mr. Zvizdic emphasized the fact that it is the knowledge of current generations of students that will determine the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its perspective.

In conclusion, the university's delegation expressed their hope for cooperation on upcoming projects involving both parties. As a sign of appreciation, Dr. Akbarov handed a symbolical gift to Mr.Zvizdic on behalf of the University.

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