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Dec 18, 2011

Appreciation Letter Awarded

Mrs. Sevim Şahin received recognition for the work and dedicated support


On behalf of the International Burch University, Mrs. Sevim Şahin was awarded the Appreciation Letter for the unstited cooperation, dedicated support and outstanding contribution to the work of this educational institution. Appreciation Letter was handed by Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, Rector, in a ceremony held on 16th odf December at the University and attended by Vice–Rectors for Education and International Cooperation and Deans of the Faculties.

Prof. Dr. Padem mentioned some of the activities organized and participated by Mrs. Şahin, and expressed appreciation for her contribution on behalf of students, academic staff, as well as in his own name. Rector also stressed that the human factor and healthy working environment are the specifics that affect the diversity of Burch University in a comparision to other similar institutions.

During the cocktail in her honor, Sevim Şahin expressed her gratitude for the recognition awarded. As a friend of the institution, regardless of considerable number of gratitude received from students parents and the Appreciation Letter, she promised that it will not affect the continuation of whole-heartedly support.

Mother of one of our students, Mrs. Sevim Şahin organized many activities, trips and meetings for students at our university. The last one was held on 7th of December in a Divan cafe, where Mrs. Şahin was the organizer of gathering and refreshment for students and their professors.

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