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Dec 01, 2011

Lecture With Dr. Semir Osmanagić

In the organization of Social and Sport Activities Club, Dr. Semir Osmanagić, professor on the American University of Sarajevo and member of Russian Academy of Natural Resources, held the lecture on ''Pyramids of Bosnia and Hezegovina''.


As an introduction, participants met with the history of Egyptian pyramids and other interesting information about pyramids over the world in the countries  such as Mexico, Salvador, Guatemala, Cambodia, China, Peru, etc.  According to the professor, those are the countries whose authorities does not consider  their pyramids as pyramids at all and that is the main reason of the information lack about them.

Other part of the lesson Professor Osmanagić spoke about Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, where he explained the long therm processes  about  testing of the composition of this mysterios structure. Testings were done by the numerous  archeologists, geologists and mathematicians on different  institutes in Europe and broader, whose results showed the great similarity with the famous Eguyptian pyramids.

Professor Osmanagić mentioned the difficulties that his team faced during this research project and the negative critics from the individual archeologists  from this region, medias and authorities, whose numerous attempts to minimize the importance of the project, resulted in closing  the labours on the Sun Pyramid. Additionaly, the team and the suprising number of volontires is now  working on the location of the Moon Pyramid and the professor used this opportunity to call  all interested students of the Burch University to participate.

Among the students, several archeologists took a part in the lecture such as Sara Acconci, from Italy and Ezra Zubrov, from the Bufallo State University. The event  is closed by  the Club President  Muhamed Mulahmetović and Supervisor of the Economics Faculty, Professor Zafer Konakli, who exchanged kind regards and suitable presents with the Professor Osmanagić.

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