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Apr 13, 2012

Remarkable Michael Swan’s Workshops

Distinguished scholar of English Language teaching and linguistics Professor Michael Swan held two inspiring workshops at Interntional Burch University

Within the organization of English Department, Mr. Michael Swan, one of the greatest names in domain of English Language teaching, amazed more than 200 attendees of the workshop, held on 12th of April on our University.

Well known editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for English Language teachers refreshed the perception of teaching of everyone involved into two separate workshops entitled ‘’What is happening in English, and how much does it matter?’’ and ‘’Some things that matter in grammar teaching and some that don’t’’ .

After the great opening and original jokes, Mr. Swan passed to the situation in today’s English Language, explaining that language is live matter and it evolves as everything around us, so that teachers and professors should keep up with the constant changes, regarding to usual expressions and grammar rules. He mentioned a few examples and advised language teachers to make their lessons simple and clear, illustrated and communicative, and to not avoid mother tongue explanations.

In the ‘’Some things that matter in grammar teaching and some that don’t’’ workshop, Mr. Swan prepared a lot of exercises for attendees, where the point of less and more important grammatical issues were determined. Those were splendid examples, embroidered with humor and expressed the different aspects of classroom work that should every language teacher do.

The conclusion was clear and sharp, where Professor Swan advised the teachers and professors to bring down their standards and make students feel comfortable with their knowledge, not to exaggerate with grammar or vocabulary and have a pedagogical approach to their students.

The workshop was ended with a long applause of all participants, where Head of the English Department Mr. Azamat Akbarov handed an appreciation letter on behalf of International Burch University to Mr. Michael Swan, for his effort and eyes opening lecture.


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