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May 08, 2012

Gold Medals for our Students on Infomatrix

Dženis Ejupi and Sabahudin Husić, students of International Burch University, won the gold medals on prestigious competition in computer science in Bucharest

Students of the 2nd year of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, Dženis Ejupi and Sabahudin Husić, are announced as the best in the category of Hardware Control and were given the golden medals on Infomatrix, an international competition in Computer Science, organized from 03 -07 of May 2012in Bucharest, Romania.

Sabahudin and Dženis within their project “DNA: Dry Neural Arrays” have managed to make a device that uses human brainwaves to control the machine, in this case the robotic hand, which was the reason for the golden medals and the money prize.

Considering the tough competition of 180 science projects from over 39 countries of the world, achievement of our students is marvelous, what Assoc.Prof. Dr. Abdülhamit Subaşi, Project Mentor and Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, University Rector, also emphasized within an official greeting of students, as soon as they arrived to Sarajevo.

Rector Padem underlined that they are proof that personal and financial support of the University for the education of its students are paying off, and education system in Bosnia and Hercegovina with increase of a number of such applicable projects could be moved one step forward.

Beside awarded project, Sabahudin and Dženis have also invented the software which uses brainwaves to adjust the scenario of the movie, according to the feelings and impressions of the watcher.


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