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May 14, 2012

IBU’s English Department Toured the Europe

A group of ten students from the English Department, headed by Mr. Azamat Akbarov, experienced an adventurous trip in several European metropoles from 8th to 13th May of 2012.

The first destination was Ljubljana, Slovenia. On May 9th, the group visited the ‘Ambra’ Cultural Centre, where they were hosted by a center representative.  The group shared their ideas, cultural backgrounds and suggested intensive future cooperation. Students were then guided on a long city tour, where they could find out why exactly Ljubljana is considered to be a metropole of European culture. In the afternoon hours, the town of Bled served as the next treat in our journey, where the group could witness the beauty of the Bled lake and the nature surrounding it.

On Thursday, the 10th of May, the group visited the marvelous city of Maribor, which serves as 2012 European Capital of Culture after Istanbul in 2011. The city's geographical location was just another reason for its true admiratıon, with the river of Drava dominating in the centre of it. The students were witnesses to true culture manifests from the medıeval ages, having visited several highly important churches, climbing the highest clocktower and visiting their oldest museum.

Coming to Koper in the early morning hours on May 11th, our students were welcomed by a group of students from the University of Primorska. The students took the roles of tour guides in the beautiful city on the sea coast. After a collective lunch wit traditional Koper food being served, our students took part as lecturers on the İnternational Students’ Conference entitled ‘Expanding Cultural Horizons’, organized solely by the students of the University of Primorska.

IBU delegation was welcomed by the University Rector Prof. Dr. Dragan Marušić, Dean of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sceinces Prof. Dr. Gorazd Drevenšek, Head of the Applied Linguistics Department Prof. Dr. Lucija Čok, Head of the Intercultural Communication Study Program Assoc. Prof. Dr. Neva Cebron. This conference certainly served as a canvas for the students, future professors, where they could put their own input on and experience the bright side of lecturing.

On May 12th, the group departed for Zagreb. First they visited the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on the University of Zagreb, where they were kindly hosted by the Head of the English Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jelena Šesnić. After a private tour around the University building, Mr. Akbarov and Ms. Šesnić talked about some vital issues in the two universities’ collaboration, including the ‘Erasmus’ student exchange program.

A great poet once saıd : ‘To know where you’ve headed, you have to know where you’ve been’. This journey will certainly serve as a motivation for our students for embroadering their own knowledge about the world, and having a different point of view on different cultures, university life and teaching a as a profession.

Students, alongside the Head of the English Department Mr. Azamat Akbarov, would like to express their imponderable gratitude to the University and the University’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem for the magnificient support.


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IBU’s English Department toured the Europe