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Jun 06, 2012

Windows 8 Release Presentation Held

Developer Tools and Platform Manager of Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina, held a presentation of their upcoming new product today, on International Burch University

Mr. Enis Šahinović, Developer Tools and Platform Manager of Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina held a presentation of new Microsoft program, Windows 8, on 6th of June. Upon the invitation of IBU Computer Club, Mr. Šahinović presented the prerelease version of Windows 8, which is made on the platform of Windows 7 and it is specially adjusted to work on touch screen equipped devices.

Presentation caused a huge interest among students and staff, who were glad to hear about new applications built in Windows 8, security sistem and the new ways of using the social networks.

It is important to say, that one of our students participated in the realization of the whole story as a Microsoft Student Partner. Ali Göl, student of IT Department of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies i currently working on the mentioned position and has a chance to demo the latest and greatest technologies, host events, and connect with other students of the faculty to inspire them to create what’s next.

The end of the presentation brought a gift giving ceremony, as a sign of appreciation for the effort of Mr. Šahinović.


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