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Jun 07, 2012

12,000 more books for University Library

University Library fund has been increased yesterday, due to the donation of Dr. Fahrettin Goktepe

One of the most frequent donators of books to International Burch University Library, Dr. Fahrettin Goktepe,  sent another significant amount of library units, that arrived to campus yesterday, on 6th of June.

Dr. Goktepe is a professor that works and lives in USA and this time he collected 12,000 books for our library. All library units are in English Language, with the variety of genres, where there are course books, encyclopedia, literature and fiction.

New books will be on the University Library book shelves during the next week and available to all users. International Burch University Library now counts the respectable 29,000 units and University highly apprecietes the effort of Mr. Goktepe and all other donators.


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12,000 more books for University Library