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Oct 02, 2012

Anne Makepeace Held a Lecture on IBU

Famous American producer held a fascinating lecture about the language and culture reanimation

 “Wampanoag people and the return of the Wampanoag language”, was the title of the class that Ms. Anne Makepeace, famous American writer, producer and director held on 1st of October at IBU campus.

The lecture referred to her last documentary film "We Still Live Here” that follows the cultural revival of Native American tribe, the Wampanoag, in the region of Southeastern Massachusetts.

Students and other class attendees got the clear picture about first English settlers on the American coast, called Pilgrims, American Thanksgiving day, term Indians and the rest of the historical facts, occurred in 1620ies and later, that caused the Wampanoag nation to disappear.

Ms. Makepeace showed a few parts of the film, what initiated the class discussion about cultural, race and language diversity, with an accent to domestic Bosnian language and its own path of survival trough history.

International Burch University is grateful to Ms. Makepeace, American Film Showcase, American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Department of English Language and Literature for the organization of the event.

Follow the link for details about the film: http://www.makepeaceproductions.com/wampfilm.html


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