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Oct 16, 2012

Our Delegation Attend “Language Rich Europe” Presentation

Language Rich Europe – Multilingualism for Stable and Prosperous Societies


On October 15, International Burch University delegation attended the presentation of British Council's project “Language Rich Europe” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held in Campus of University of Sarajevo.

The attendees were presented with the results of research on multilingualism, conducted in 24 European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research covered: pre-primary and primary education, secondary education, languages in adult education, public services and spaces, business, media, and national databases on language diversity. These findings are supposed to serve as guidelines for future research and ongoings, especially in: studying foreign languages, use of foreign languages in all spheres, and legislation.

As context for the presentation, all presenters gave detailed elaborations of their findings by comparing the policies and practices in Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina; emphasizing specific national contexts supported by accurate data. After the presentation session, the attendees were involved in a highly interactive and productive discussion with the presenters.

“Language Rich Europe” is a project that seeks to captivate the attention of the society and its leaders across Europe in order to advocate multilingualism and indicate its significance among the decision makers, as well as to motivate more learners to learn new languages useful in all spheres of human life.

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