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Oct 22, 2012

‘’Globalization Impact on Market Connections’’ Conference

An International Burch University delegation was invited to attend the 7th international conference entitled ''Globalization Impact on Market Connections'', held in Sarajevo on October 19th

Students and professors of the Faculty of Economics attended the international event, where the discussion and lectures were about capital market connections, the stock market, profits, and the financial and crediting sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Around 200 prominent experts from BH, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro participated and the key speakers were: Ante Krajina, Minister of Finances of FBiH, Prof. Dr. Željko Šain, Central Bank of BiH Board member and Dr. Tarik Kurbegović, the Director of Sarajevo Stock Market.

It was a unique opportunity for the students to obtain  important information about the current situation on capital markets and to hear possible solutions and improvement for certain problems.


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