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Lesson with Dr. Lada Šestić
Nov 30, 2012

Lesson with Dr. Lada Šestić

‘’Compounds in Scientific and Everyday English’’

On 29th of November, Professor Emeritus at University of Sarajevo Dr. Lada Šestić, kindly accepted the invitation of Office for Scientific Research and International Relations of Burch University to share the part of her experience on the topic ‘’Compounds in Scientific and Everyday English’’.

Professors and young PhD researchers of Burch University were gathered in the great number, with the intention to renew and confirm their knowledge on the specific topic.

Ms. Šestić made her class highly interactive, spiced with the practical examples that can be found in everyday usage of English language, where the structure, classification and formation of compounds were elaborated.

Just to remind, Professor Lada Šestić is a person with a rock solid academic background and CV. She was the winner of Fulbright scholarship on Berkley University, USA and her specialization was provided by University of London, UK.


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