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Rector’s Business Trip to USA
Dec 06, 2012

Rector’s Business Trip to USA

Rector, prof. Dr. Huseyin Padem expressed his pleasure with new cooperation initiatives with institutions in the USA

International Burch University Rector, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, together with 13 other representatives of International Association of Universities has traveled United States of America from 5th to 14th of November 2012, and visited several higher education institutions. Aim of the visit was to explore new cooperation possibilities,  get knowledge on their practices in many fields, and learn about innovations applied in educational institutions in that part of the world.

Within the visit Rector Padem has seen many universities and other educational institutions in Los Angeles, Claremont, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York and other places. Delegation paid a visit to eminent San Jose University, which is one of the most important institutions for upbringing employees for Silicon Valley, Berkley University, Marywood University, Univeristy of California and many others.

According to Prof. Dr. Padem’s words, trip to USA was inspiring and it will give its fruits in very short time since agreements for student cooperation were discussed and agreed. Also notice on practices for individual specialization and quality of programs for first, second and third cycle of studies will give new directions and perspectives for development of Burch University.


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