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Politeness in Theory and Practice – Lecture
Dec 14, 2012

Politeness in Theory and Practice – Lecture

On 13th of December, guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Snežana Bilbija from University of Sarajevo, held a refreshing class about the ways of addressing in the polite manner in English language.

Ms. Bilbija defined the politeness principles, reflected in linguistic universals, equivalent to the grammatical ones, naming the basic politeness markers such as ‘’Please…’’ and the expressions as ‘’If you don’t mind…’’ Professor also mentioned commonly used play – downs, which cool down the request in addressee’s perception and do not affect the meaning.

Addressing to the different kinds of individuals or groups was also reviewed, including the addressing to the no-name characters and the addressing to political, military and religious authorities.

Ms. Bilbija thanked to the Office for Scientific Research and International Relations for the invitation and the opportunity to share her experience with our students and academicians.


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