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Visit of Prime Minister Advisor and Director of Civilization Studies Center
Jan 11, 2012

Visit of Prime Minister Advisor and Director of Civilization Studies Center

The visit of Prof. Dr. Bekir Karliğa, Advisor of the Prime Minister in Turkey and Chairman of the National Coordination Committee in Alliance of Civilization, with Dr. Burhan Köroğlu, Director of Civilization Studies Center (CSC) of Bahçeşehir University, occurred yesterday and resulted with a pleasant conversation in the Rector’s office.


As a part of their visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, our guests decided to visit International Burch University, with the aim  of discussion of possible cooperation. They presented their last documentary project entitled ''The River Flowing Westwards'', a historical adventure and an unending run towards the West in the last three and half millenia, based on original sources and utilizing modern technologies.

Another fundamental objective of this documentary movie  is to emphasize the roll of Turkey as a part of European Union, where the country would bring the values of other civilizations to Europe with its assesion. Turkish people have lived in Europe for over  900 years and have played a significant roll in shaping the continent and if becomes a part of European Union, the Republic of Turkey would serve as a bridge between the EU and Turkic and Islamic world.

Led by Rector, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, delegation went through the Evliya Celebi Exhibition, recently opened in the university hallway. At the end of the meeting souvenirs were exchanged, which included the copy of the documentary ''The River Flowing Westwards''.

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