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Jan 31, 2012

Library Cooperation Established

International Burch University initiated the cooperation between libraries across the country with an aim of improvement of library content for students.

An idea of collaboration of libraries on the country level, has been released and it is already showing the results. In the first week of the project, the feedback is more than fair. Library ‘’JU Gradska biblioteka Bosanska Krupa’’, library ‘’JU Kantonalna i univerzitetska biblioteka  Bihać’’, ‘’Oriental Institute Library Sarajevo’’ and ''National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina'' have made their significant contribution in improvement of International Burch University Library fund, donating a certain amount of their library units.

Around 500 books have been collected and have allready been waiting  for their users. This is a wonderful oportunity for all libraries that have their excess amount of titles in their storages, to share it with others. What is surplus somewhere, can be useful on other libraries' shelves.

The bottom line of the project is to increase the chance for all library users, to get in touch with the necessary content and to connect institutions in other aspects of support during the education process of current and upcoming generations.

International Burch University is very grateful for every collected book and  will use an opportunity to contribute to this generous idea with its own deliverable amount of library units, including other ways of cooperation for the benefit of students.

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