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Mar 06, 2012

Promotional Activities in Middle Asia

Head of the Department for Sport Culture and Health visited few Middle Asian countries with the goal of promotion of our University

Last week Mr. Sait Dinc, Head of the Department for Sport Culture and Health came back from his travel over the countries of Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan, which was organized in order to promote study programs at our University.

Mr. Dinç visited 19 high school institutions within these three countries, and got a very positive feedback from students, who had a lot of questions regarding presentation.

They were very interested in scholarship programs available at International Burch University, and an idea of studying in the heart of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During his trip, Mr. Dinç visited Kafkas University at Azerbaijan, where he was warmly welcomed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sanic, Rector of the University. They talked about education opportunities in two countries and possible cooperation and experience exchange of two educating institutions, in order of improvement conditions for students.


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Promotional Activities in Middle Asia