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Visit to University of Banja Luka
Jan 30, 2013

Visit to University of Banja Luka

More intense cooperation in sight

29th of January brought the visit to University of Banja Luka where the Burch representatives met with different relevant parties.

Vice Rector on International Relations Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov and International Office Coordinator Mr. Damir Topalović met with the Prof. Dr. Valerija Šaula, Vice Rector on International Cooperation. Since this was a preliminary meeting, both parties proposed the possible ways of institutional interworking, what could be encircled by MoU in the close future.

Other meeting was attended by Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Ozuygun, Head of Department of Turkish Language and Literature and Mr. Admir Salihagić, Secretary General, where the hosts were Assist. Prof. Dr. Željka Babić, Head of English Department, Philology Faculty's Vice-Dean on Education Assoc.Prof. Dr. Sanja Radanović and Dr. Danilo Capasso, Head of Italian Language Department.

Delegates represented their projects and many common grounds were found, what should be put into practice in the upcoming semester and effect on the overal academic diversity, at both campuses.


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