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„Train the Trainer“ Seminar Held
Apr 01, 2013

„Train the Trainer“ Seminar Held

Within the teaching and learning quality assurance, on 29th and 30th of March, International Burch University organized two day program for academic staff.

Deputy Rector for Education and Deputy Rector for Planning and Development, within the teaching and learning quality assurance, and in cooperation with „Donusum Konagi“ Company organized a two day seminar for all academic staff at Burch University.

The seminar prepared was based on Experiential Design Doctrine curricullum, and was given by insturctors Banu Yasar and Zerrin Zik, who gave the theoretical knowledge, with pragmatic, applicable, understandable and consistent strategies for the use. Program atendees lernt about strategies to increase their presentation skills, which will enable them to be more effective in teaching and delivering the message to the students.

All participants were satisfied to learn new approaches and details applicable in clasroom management, and it was decided that new seminar ,with the stress on practical knowledge will be organized very soon.