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Our Students Attended a Creative Workshop
May 20, 2013

Our Students Attended a Creative Workshop

On Friday, May 10, ELT Teaching Foreign Language to Young Learners II’s students, along with Senior Teaching Assistant Harun Baştuğ, attended a creative workshop at Sunshine International Preschool of Sarajevo.

Mrs. Lejla Pervan, coordinator of English Curriculum at Sunshine International Preschool of Sarajevo, and Harun Baştuğ, Senior Teaching Assistant at International Burch University, presented the English department students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching young learners. After an inspirational welcoming speech by Mrs. Pervan, the workshop was all ready to start.

As context for an interactive workshop, our students learned how it was like to be a young learner. Since the best way to learn anything is to put theory into practice, the workshop was focusing on students being put in a role of a young learner, where the skillful teachers from the Red, Yellow and Orange teams of this school explained and helped them in accomplishing different crafting assignments. The final products have been planned to be used as a part of the graduation ceremony stage at Sunshine International Preschool of Sarajevo.

At the end, Senior Teaching Assistant Harun Baştuğ kindly handed Mrs. Pervan an Appreciation Letter from our university, while Mrs. Pervan presented him with an invitation to their graduation ceremony.