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„Reading is life“ Project Implemented
May 28, 2013

„Reading is life“ Project Implemented

Implementation of the project took place at Baščaršija on Tuesday, May 28

Student Parliament and the Department of Public Relations International Burch University organized the project "Reading is life" with the aims to raise awareness about the importance of reading, primarily among young people, but also among the elderly population. Burch University, as a socially responsible higher education institution, has an obligation to point out the importance of continuing to work and promote healthy habits, and reading is one of them.

Public presentation of the project was held on 28th of May at Baščarsija and although it was raining, our students showed great persistence to emphasize the importance of reading. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Padem, Rector of the Burch University, said that young people are under the influence of Internet and social networks, which is not good. He stressed that they should go out, and enjoy in healthy habits, and reading would be definitely one of them. The Rector was very pleased with this project and announced several other projects which would be held in the future. He also congratulated the organizers, Student Parliament and Public Relations Office for the idea and successful implementation of the project, and expressed appreciation to Stari Grad Municipality for support of the students’ idea.

The same activity is planned to be organized in other public places, where students will gather and read quality literature.

"Reading is Life" Project Implemented