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Education Opportunities in USA
Nov 14, 2013

Education Opportunities in USA

The US Embassy officials held an info session on studying in the United States.

Within the International Education Week, International Burch University today hosted The US Embassy officials; Eric Catalfamo, from the Department for Culture , Benjamin Witorsch, Vice-Consul and Juliette J. Brinkley , Academic Exchange Coordinator. The guests held an informative session in order to give insight to students on the magic of study in America. A large number of students showed interest to learn more about the opportunities that this country offer , study programs and scholarships available.

Eric Catalfamo thanked Burch University for the opportunity to hold lecture in Sarajevo, and said that the US have a very diverse selection of universities and programs for everyone, and pointed out that one of the most important characteristics is flexible program of higher education, which teaches students not only the knowledge of certain subjects, but also tech them how to think critically, which is in today's global marketplace highly valued characteristics.

Speaking of foreign students Catalfamo has stated that currently 364 students from Bosnia and Herzegovina are studying in America, which shows an increase over the previous period . The main characteristics of the study abroad, according to him, are new ideas that occur in young people.

Later, Benjamin Witorsch and Juliette J. Brinkley spoke about the details of the procedure for obtaining a visa, as well as the possibilities of scholarships awarded by the United States and the Embassy, as well as many universities . They pointed out that the most important key is to research and select an appropriate program from numerous offeres, but also advised to use help of the Student Advisin Centers, located in Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Students of the Burch University empowered with new information showed great interest in the session and application for scholarship programs, and Vice-Rector Dr. Azamat Akbarov handed appreciation letter to guests at the end.

Education Opportunities in USA