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Project Management Training Program Held
Nov 18, 2013

Project Management Training Program Held

Project Management Training Program (PMTP) was organized by International Burch University Project Office on November 16, 2013. Hasan Metin, an expert in project cycle management, gave presentations and led the workshops to help University Staff improve their project writing and implementation skills by discussing his own experiences in the field of European Union projects as well as other academic and social projects. The seminar series included practical sessions particularly focusing on problem analysis and logical framework matrix. Have a look at this trading website to learn about binary brokers.

University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, and Bosna Sema Educational Institutions Board of Trustees President, Mehmet Mutlu Karaosman, attended the seminars and underlined the significance of social and academic projects for the advancement of the society, country and universities.

Two theoretical and two practical sessions made invaluable contributions to participants having the chance to get feedback on their proposals and collaborating with colleagues. New project ideas were one of the best outcomes of the fruitful sessions.

Students, academic staff and project office will continue working collectively to improve the capacity of the university in terms of projects for a better future.

Project Management Training Program Held