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AIESEC Presentation Held
Nov 28, 2013

AIESEC Presentation Held

On 27th of November, AISEC representative Alema Pelešić visited our university and held a presentation to BDC and Linguistic club members.

In the beginning Haris Zogić, vice-president of Business Development Club addressed the present students and welcomed AIESEC to International Burch University.

Alema Pelešić presented work of AIESEC and the Global Citizen Internship Program in 124 countries and territories. Global Citizen is a 6 to 12 week community development experience in one of the following fields: cultural education, HIV/AID's, education, community development, environmental awareness and social entrepreneurship. Students have chance to work with a local organization to impact the community based on their needs.

Alema also explained the policy of AIESEC, which is based on open mind perceptions and accepting diversity, 'cause there are many members with different beliefs, attitudes, cultures, races, countries etc. She expressed her experience that being an AIESEC member influenced on quality of her life in the aspects of self esteem, public speaking experience and many opportunities to get practical knowledge and meet new traditions and people, which is offered to all AIESEC members.

There are about 300 members of AIESEC in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most interesting fact is that there is no country classification, e.g. members from B-H have the same perspective as students in U.S.A. etc. 

After the presentation BDC President Haris Magrdzija presented the gift on behalf of the University to AIESEC representative.

Students who want apply can do it through http://www.globalcitizenbh.tk or to find more information [email protected]


AIESEC Presentation Held