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Three Theater Plays Staged at Burch
Dec 10, 2013

Three Theater Plays Staged at Burch

The DESK (Dil-Edebiyat-Sanat-Kültür) student club, which works under the Oriental Philology Department, in cooperation with Fatih University Art Theater staged the ” Gül Devri Ev” play on 9th and “Cinnet-i Tercih” and “Hacivat-Karagöz” on 10th of December, in the conference hall of the International Burch University. The original performance of the young players from Turkey was viewed by the audience of about 350 students, members of the academic staff, and guests, together with the Rector, Prof.Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu.

The ” Gül Devri Ev” play was a good way for students to take a pause from their exams, and spend some quality time, because of its messages as dignifying of the familiar connections, importance of helping each other and promotion of other universal values.

“Hacivat-Karagöz”, well-known and colorful Turkish shadow play was staged on 10th of December as a special surprise for children. The second part of the program was a puppet show that brought fun of the string puppet so that adults and children in the audience enjoyed some laughter.

“Cinnet-i Tercih” play told the story of a student whose classes are well and satisfying but he is not sure is the department that he currently studies at the best choice for him. This was a story of comic and sometimes “tragicomic“situations that happens in the life of every student.

The audience was amused by all of the theather shows organized by the DESK Club, and organizor of the event thanked the guests from Fatih University Art Theater for their great performances.

”Gül Devri Ev” Play Staged at Burch