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Conference of the Fatih University Art Theater Held
Dec 11, 2013

Conference of the Fatih University Art Theater Held

As a result of Fatih University Art Theater`s cooperation with the DESK (Dil-Edebiyat-Sanat-Kültür) student club of the Oriental Philology Department, three theater pieces (” Gül Devri Ev”/“Cinnet-i Tercih” and “Hacivat-Karagöz”) were staged on 9th and 10th of December at the International Burch University.

On 11th of December a group of 12 players from the Art Theater of Fatih University led by the Art Ensemble Director, Mr. Aydemir Gültekin, met with the Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, who congratulated on great shows presented at Burch University, and thanked the guests for their cooperation with enthusiastic students from the DESK club.

Afterwards Art Theater members came together with the students of the Oriental Philology Department and share some memories from their professional experience. Mr. Gültekin encouraged students to join clubs, and organization of extracurricular activities, especially if it is a theater or other ways of artistic expressions. He underlined that every talent has its special value, and students should work on their writing and presentation skills. He advised students to overmaster their presentation skills moreover because of the fact that they will be teachers in the future.

Also Head of the Oriental Philology Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Özuygun, addressed to present students and guests expressing his special appreciation to Fatih University Art Theater Ensemble, their leader Mr. Aydemir Gültekin, Res. Assist. Hilal Otyakmaz, Gülşah Doğan and other students from the DESK for their performance and participation in the organization of such important and interesting cultural activities.

Conference of the Fatih University Art Theater Held