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“Art and Architecture Database”- Students for Students Project Started
Dec 12, 2013

“Art and Architecture Database”- Students for Students Project Started

Realization of the project “Art and Architecture Database” - Students for Students, has officially started by presentation held on December, 10th 2013. The project is conceived as a “joint venture” of two departments of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies: Department of Architecture and Department of IT.

The idea of creating a database has arisen from one of the teaching methods currently applied within the course "History of Art and Architecture 1". The method implies regular work in class by groups of students, aimed to creating a “Data Core Sheets” on discussed works of art / architecture. Based on this, an initiative on joint work with IT Department has been launched, referring to the applied method and prepared material. Following the call, the IT Department proposed an opportunity to realize the project within the course “Database Management Systems”.

The purpose of the first presentation, held on 10th of December, was to introduce students of information technologies with the project scope, terminology and specific requirements.

Asssist. Prof. Dr Nermina Mujezinović, holding the course "History of Art and architecture 1", together with seven project team members - second-year students of Architecture attending the course, have presented the first draft proposal of the "design brief " for the database.

Research Assistants Ozgur Ornek and Samed Jukić welcomed the guests on behalf of the IT Department and confirmed that the part of the project that IT team is in charge with, will be completed as planned.

Next week, the presentation by IT Department students will be held at Department of Architecture, in which first ideas on possible technical solutions will be proposed and general introduction about database management provided.

The possibility of selection, preparation and upload of information, as well as later use of the database will be extremely helpful to students of architecture in the study and research of the subject matter; on the other side, the students of IT department will find a very good, realistic practice in its designing and upgrading.
The other positive aspect of the project that might enrich the students of both departments is expanding of knowledge outside the boundaries of the basic field.

The database should be completed by the end of the semester, and two departments will jointly organize a presentation of the project.

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“Art and Architecture Database”- Students for Students Project Started