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"Depoliticization of Higher Education in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" Conference Held in Mostar
Dec 19, 2013

"Depoliticization of Higher Education in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" Conference Held in Mostar

Conference "Depoliticization of Higher Education in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina" organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science and the Social Sciences Research Center of the International Burch University was held in Mostar on 18th of December, Wednesday.

Advisor to the Federal Minister of Education and Science, Aldin Međedović said that the gathering aims to discuss the possibilities for improving the quality when it comes to higher education, which should primarily be achieved through the autonomy of the university in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Today we gathered with the representatives of the academic community and all relevant stakeholders to discuss this important issue, which B-H needs in the process of building a quality education system ," said Međedović.
International Burch University Social Sciences Research Center Director, MA. Esad Oruč said that the organization of this conference speaks in favor of the existence of certain processes that need to be changed within higher education in B-H, and it was the reason for the Center to launch such initiative of discussing depoliticization among the academic community, students and other significant participants in the creation of educational policy in B-H.

Professor at the Law Faculty in Tuzla, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zlatan Begić, said that the depoliticization of education does not mean the absence of education policy, on the contrary, it means a responsible policy and responsibility, and on the policy side and the academic community.

“I’m afraid that the required level of responsibility currently does not exist, but the question is how to provide it. The modern world knows the specific nature of the institutional mechanisms for establishing the required level of responsibility on one and on the other side "said Begić .

As noted in the discussion, it is evident that in our country there is a need for depoliticization and insurance of educational policies entities, which are primarily students, professors and scientific research workers. The main objective of depoliticization of higher education is to create conditions that will ensure equal access to quality and modern education in B-H. Therefore, the intention of the organizers of the conference was to offer the representatives of interest groups , including national experts of leading organizations in academia, space for discussion and expert analysis of the aforementioned topics, with the aim of progressive and harmonized development of higher education in the Federation.

In this regard , at the Conference in Mostar, participants discussed issues of social responsibility and funding of higher education , as well as assumptions for autonomy of universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and discussed the quality management in the depoliticization of higher education , normative assumptions autonomy of universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and depoliticization of higher education as well as the assumptions and conditions for exercising the right to higher education established upon the international standards .

Source: www.fmon.gov.ba and the members of the Organization Team