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"Training on CV Writing" Held
Dec 25, 2013

"Training on CV Writing" Held

About 30 students who applied for successful CV writing training got some practical tips&tricks.

On24th of December, International Burch University hosted Mr. Adis Hećimović, who held“Training on CV Writing” in a form of an exercise in cooperation with students. The training was organized by Career Development and Business Relations Office in order to prepare students for successful job seeking process, especially ones who will graduate soon.

Mr. Hećimović was satisfied to work with group of students who are enthusiastic about work, and aware of positive and negative sides of job seeking. He introduced students with some important facts from different countries, e.g. in United Kingdom 54 % of graduates looks for a job during one year after the graduation.

Students got some information on differences between CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Resume as a kind of an ID in a business world. There were also talk about types of the CV’s, its parts and tips on how to make an unique CV and make an impression on potential employer. The Training was concluded with a fact that every individual has to be aware of its positive and negative sides, but also learn how to do quality self-promotion and get the wanted job.

“Training on CV Writing” Held