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The Burch Dictionary Project Released
Dec 31, 2013

The Burch Dictionary Project Released

You can search this very useful digital English- Bosnian-Turkish Dictionary and Phrasebook.

International Burch University proudly announces that Burch Dictionary Project has been released as android application and website database. Using modern technologies now you can search words and phrases in English/Bosnian/Turkish languages and learn something new every day. Credits for this project goes to hardworking team members.

The Burch Dictionary Project was led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Arslan, and contributors to the project were students of International Burch University:

Lamija Zukić, Oriental Philology Department Undergraduate Student (data enter)
Mersima Strika, English Department PhD Student (data enter)
Sulejman Sarajlija, IT Department undergraduate Student (android application)
Dženis Ejupi, IT Department Undergraduate Student (website database)

Android application can be found HERE.

Website database can be found HERE.

We would like to congratulate all members of The Burch Dictionary Project and thank them for their efforts and time. Wishing them all the best of success.

The purpose of this project is to help the individuals to quickly reach the required topic title in the desired language in an alphabetical order and to find the equivalence of it in the target language by downloading the electronic phrasebook to their mobile phones.  They will be able to reach any word, word-group or sentence equivalence of any given foreign language rapidly and whenever they desire from the electronic phrasebook which they can simply download to their mobile phones.

In the first phase web-platform of the project was prepared and was tested in the internet environment. In the second phase, the platform of the mobile phone application of the project was arranged and was tested.  The experiments both in the web and mobile phone programs were successful. For example, a Turkish citizen, wishing to purchase apple in the market, can type the word apple in his or her mobile phone, and he or she can quickly find the Bosnian equivalence of the word, similar sentences with apple such as Can you give me a kilo of apple? or other possible alternatives.

Individuals do not wish to spend time and money for learning a foreign language and use it only to meet with their needs. This electronic phrasebook will provide those who would travel to another country for the purposes of business, education, tourism, etc. the opportunity to use the language of the country in order to communicate with the inhabitants.