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Commemoration of Martyrs of Gallipoli Battle
Mar 19, 2014

Commemoration of Martyrs of Gallipoli Battle

DESK (Dil-Edebiyat-Sanat-Kültür) club of the Department of Oriental Philology at Education Faculty on occasion of 99th Anniversary of Gallipoli Battle and martyrs memorial organized an appropriate program, which was held on 18th of March 2014 in University conference room.

University management, students, academic and administrative staff attended the program consisted of poem readings, short documentary movie “Kinali Kuzular“, students narration of memoires and a letter of a mother to her son, and history class.
After the introduction part, short documentary gave an insight into one of the most important battles in the area of Bosporus and Dardanelles ever. Later, the history class by academic staff member Mehmet Dogan gave a historical overview and additionally enlightened some of the most important details of the Gallipoli Battle.

A group of students from DESK club, together with their mentors, and Head of Oriental Philology Department gave a lot of efforts in organization of the quite successful Martyrs of Gallipoli Battle Commemoration.


Commemoration of Martyrs of Gallipoli Battle