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“How to Write a Personal Statement” Seminar held
Mar 12, 2014

“How to Write a Personal Statement” Seminar held

A seminar, organized in cooperation with the American Council in B-H, entitled “How to Write a Personal Statement” was held on 10th of March, 2014 in the premises of the University. The speaker Aleksandra Popović, an advisor at the American Council, shared some important information with the junior and senior students at Burch University on how to write a personal statement, and how to apply to particular place.

The speaker Popović spoke about statement that refers to use communication strategy in the improvement of a company, firm, institution, or policy in government, but also explained personal statements which are outlining general suitability for a position when students apply for a job or are applying for higher education, underlining that in both cases the language must be clear, unambiguous and support applicants intentions.

Most applicants haven't had to write a personal statement before, so Ms. Popović got plenty of advice to help lest student do the same mistakes, explaining procedures, structure, style, format, goals, and gains for students. She also mentioned the most important questions which are essential for providing proper information for desired position.