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Translation Seminars by Professor Francis Jones
Apr 03, 2014

Translation Seminars by Professor Francis Jones

On 3rd of April 2014 Professor Francis Jones from the Newcastle University held two seminars.

Morning session by Newcastle University Professor Francis Jones, entitled “Creativity and Loyalty in Poetry Translation” attracted many members of the scientific community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and students. It was in a form of a workshop, and speaker Jones first gave some useful reading list to all participants interested in translation and especially poetry translation. Later on, Professor Jones cleared some issues in poetry translation as which skills translators should have (reading lots of poetry in their mother tongue, constant enriching vocabulary, sensitivity in use of language and forms) and gave some views on how it is supposed to be done.

Interactive workshop was continued with practical example of a poem by Emily Dickinson, where the audience participated in commenting and giving alternatives. However, the main point of interest was a small part from a poem Hasanaginica. Jones gave an example and literal translation, and also offered three different translations of it and proposed it for discussion, which was very fruitful and commented from the audience.

The topic of creativity and its explanation as a last part of the lecture was followed by delivering Appreciation Letter on behalf of the University and an honorary membership to Association of Applied Linguistics in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Professor Francis Jones by Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov.

Second session entitled “The Poetry Translator as Cultural Ambassador”was again focused on poetry examples from Bosnian cultural heritage, Hasanaginica poem by unknown author, Kameni spavač-Stone Sleeper by Mak Dizdar and Soneti by Skender Kulenović. Discussion was about some challenges for translators, e.g. specific terms for items being used in different cultures.
Seminar was brought to the end with the topics of embassy networks and models of culture being promoted in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professor Francis Jones expressed his delight of being invited to hold two seminars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and prestigious institution as International Burch University is.

Translation Seminars by Professor Francis Jones