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Burch Project Olympiad 2014 successfully finished
Apr 12, 2014

Burch Project Olympiad 2014 successfully finished

45 high school students participated with 103 projects

International Burch University for the 3rd time from its establishment hosted projects competition for high school students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burch Olympiad 2014, which was done under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Education (FMON). Opening ceremony at 10:00 am was attended by Damir Mašić, Federal Minister of Education and Science, Senaid Memić, Major of Ilidža Municipality, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, Burch Rector, companies representatives, and university officials, participants at the Olympiad, their mentors, school directors and other guests. Also the Olympiad 2014 has a special guest, football star Elvir Bolić, who showed his respect and support to organizer and participants.

103 projects were presented in four categories: Engineering, Environment, Web design and I Have Idea. Students from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Bihać, Mostar, Zenica, Zavidovići, Lukavac and other cities were competing for valuable cash prizes and scholarships for studies at Burch University, and prizes for their mentors, Burch premium awards (in all categories), and discounts on tuition for study at Burch University while all participants received a certificate of participation. Surprise awards were prepared as a separate category for the teachers who participated as mentors during in previous years when Burch Project Olympiad was held.

An interesting fact is that this year we received project applications from 8 foreign countries (France, Turkey, Indonesia, Mali, Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan), which is a good indicator of the announcement that this competition in the near future grow in internationally. However, our aim is to provide an opportunity for young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina to demonstrate their talent and win awards, so it was decided that this year's competition to remain within the limits of our country.

On 11th of April students registered their projects and went for sightseeing of Sarajevo and socializing, and on 12th of April, working part of the project presentation and evaluation by the university professors and experts took place.

On the opening ceremony today, Minister Mašić said that he is “happy because of the fact that this year students from 45 schools participated with their innovative solutions of current problems, and Federal Ministry of Education and Science was able to be partner to support to young people.”

Major Senaid Memić also addressed the audience, especially students, underlining that “market and time can decide whether projects are profitable or not, and cannot determine whether the projects are good or not, so all of participants need to persist working on project because time is on their side.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Uzunoğlu in his exposure talked about aims of the Olympiad and also used the opportunity to talk in public about near and distant future plans of the Burch University for the first time. Rector Uzunoğlu mentioned Burch Techno park project, and some of the activities that were undertaken, promising to young future students that they will have many opportunities for excellent education, innovation and development within the Burch campus.

BURCH Project Olympiad 2014