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Career Day 2014 ended
Apr 15, 2014

Career Day 2014 ended

Starting from 10:00 am this morning International Burch University was a host for over 30 companies from all around Bosnia and Herzegovina and their meeting place with students and other interested parties as potential employees. Participant companies covered areas as finance, marketing, engineering, telecommunication, genetics, but also production and services sectors.

Companies who participated the Career Days 2014 had their stands where they were collecting CVs and application forms, and at the same time presenting their activities, current open positions, and information on the skills which are necessary for their future employees.

Students, and other interested participants, had an opportunity to make connections and enrich their professional networks, find places for an internship and practical work in order to gain practical knowledge which will enrich their theoretical background.

Corporations put serious efforts into their presentations offering promotional materials, and some of them even organized quizzes awarding with symbolic prizes successful participants.

Career Day 2014 ended today at 15:00 pm but certainly same organization will be arranged in upcoming year.

Career Day 2014 ended