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Study Visit to Domoinvest Architectural Bureau
Apr 22, 2014

Study Visit to Domoinvest Architectural Bureau

On 18th of April a group of students from the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the International Burch University, visited the Architectural Bureau Domoinvest in Sarajevo. This visit was organized by the student’s Art and Architecture Club.

The students warmly welcomed by Domoinvest's designing team Namik Handžić and Nermina Subašić showed their appreciation handing hosts a small gift on behalf of the Burch University by the Club president Sanel Delić.

In question and answering session that ensued, students had the opportunity to see how their ideas develop through complete process of architectural projects, as well to hear many useful advices that can guide them in their future carriers.

Students were especially pleased with the information that Domoinvest Bureau would be happy to offer them possibilities of doing internship or a training program in their company, and thereby they expressed hopes to see the visiting students soon again in the studio or construction site.