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Our Students won Silver Medals at Infomatrix 2014
May 16, 2014

Our Students won Silver Medals at Infomatrix 2014

Students of the 2nd and 3rd year of Electrical and Electronics Department at Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, Suleyman Zengin, Oguz Burak Ozbek, Resit Asik together with the master student Semir Šakanović, won silver medals for their scientific project on Infomatrix, an international competition in Computer Science, held from 08 -11th of May 2014in Bucharest, Romania.

On this occassion, within the opening ceremony of the 5th International Symposium on Sustainable Development, keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Kasim Bajrović handed our succesfull students symbolic awards.

Suleyman, Burak, Resit and Semir with their project “ Smart Car ” participated to category of Hardware Control at Infomatrix 2014 . They created a car which will be beneficial for people and the world. With its included electric motor and sensors, it won’t make any pollution, it won’t cause any accidents, it won’t be expensive, and it will provide a comfortable voyage.

Projects' application area is very wide as the „Smart Car“ will be suitable o join into safety operations, to be used at military for different subjects, to use the car like a so-called Fukushima Robots, to move car in desired area (with controlling the car with live broadcast on internet), to use the car at earthquake operations with its live broadcast and light, to minimize traffic accidents to prevent loss of life and property, and other areas.

Considering the tough competition of 260 science projects from over 50 countries of the world, achievement of our students and their mentor Res. Assist. Gunter Senyurt is marvelous.

Students expressed their happines for the success, especially with the fact that it was gained after hard 6 month long work with their mentor. They used the opportunity to thank to their mentor Senyurt, their Department professors and Rector Uzunoğlu for their unselfish financial and moral support. Also they said that they would be able to do much more with better support of other sponsors.

On behalf of the International Burch University we congratulate them on this great success.

Our Students won Silver Medals at Infomatrix 2014