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'EU and Regional Intellectual property Challenges' Conference held
Jun 06, 2014

'EU and Regional Intellectual property Challenges' Conference held

On 6th of June International Burch University hosted Conference „EU and Regional Intellectual Property Challenges“ organized by Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC), which was a meeting place for eminent experts in the field of intellectual property from the Region of South-Easter Europe and the EU.

At the opening ceremony of the conference Dr. Iza Razija Mešević, Chairman of the Organization Comittee, addressed the audience expressing her happiness that Sarajevo is a host for a conference which is first of its type in the region, within the time period of more than 20 years. Also Dr. Mešević said that she was very pleased to be able to point out that “this conference does not only thematize IP in general. On the contrary, it deals with the selected topics in the field of IP (collective copyright management, trademarks and patents) in a critical manner, aiming for detecting the actual problems, or as we called them “challenges” and attempting to offer solutions for them, on the regional, as well as on the EU-level.” She also thanked to the International Burch University and the Social Science Research Center for making everything possible for the conference to take place.

On behalf of the International Burch University, Vice-Rector Dr. Azamat Akbarov, greeted the audience, and thanked the SSRC for numerous activities successfully realized from its establishment in 2013. His speech was followed by the one of the SSRC Director Esad Oruč, who underlined that “it is unfortunate that representatives of related state institutions are not here today with us bus we hope that conference material will be considered in their future work”. Director Oruč thanked to all co organizers, sponsors, partners and his colleagues from the Center, and wished fruitful work to participants.

Meddžida Kreso, President of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressed appreciation to organizers and emphasized that the topic of intellectual property is usually being unjustly neglected, but important as it is has its protection from judicial aspect in civil law, administrative law, criminal law, and offense law. Kreso said that “The Court of B-H is one of the courts providing protection of the right to intellectual property” but “the public generally is not informed enough and there is a lack of public awareness regarding the importance of intellectual property as well as the importance of a well structured system of protection, implementation and application of intellectual property”.

Culture and Press Attaché at the German Embassy, as one of the sponsors of the Conference, Mr. Jens Wagner talked from the aspect of German investors who work with local partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and have problems because the field of intellectual property is not legally protected, but as he stated it is a good sign that academic institutions as Burch University works on discussions on important topics with regional and European experts.

At the end, Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Education Representative, Sifet Kukuruz said that “The legal regulation of the field of intellectual property is an important barrier to the unjustified appropriation of the results of someone else’s work and the exploitation of the human being as a universal value.” Kukuruz also songartulated the Burch University on organizing such asn international conference and proving its international educational character, as well as it is institution where scientific research holds a significant place.

After the opening ceremony there were held three panels:

- Regional and EU challenges in the field of collective managament of copyright and related rights
- Regional and EU challenges in the field of patents
- Regional and EU challenges in the field of trade marks

The „EU and Regional Intellectual Property Challenges“ Conference helped in detecting challenges which are common to whole regiona and offer some solutions and remarks at the end, which will be published in order to be useful to solution of the problems in the intellectual property field.


'EU and Regional Intellectual property Challenges' Conference