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IT Center staff attended Webometrics Presentation
Jun 18, 2014

IT Center staff attended Webometrics Presentation

University of Sarajevo was a host for the Webometrics Presentation by Isidro F. Aguillo on 18th of June, 2104. As International Burch University is year by year one of the best ranked universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, IT Center staff, Asim Husanović and Emir Čičkušić attended this interesting presentation.

Main topic discussed today was rankings of the universities in the world and importance of such independent evaluation. It was stressed out that even Universities which are locally oriented are moving toward internationalism. As the most important part of the presentation, methodology of the most famous ranking website “Webometrics” was introduced, as well as the instructions on how to improve and how to get better rankings. IT staff was satisfied with the latest acknowledgements on Webometrics ranking, which will be applied within the future period.

About the presenter:
Isidro F. Aguillo is the owner and Head of the Cybermetrics Lab, a research team belonging to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the Spanish main public research institution. Isidro is the editor of the journal, the first electronic journal of the CSIC, and also of the Rankings Web of Universities (since 2004), Research Centers (2006), Hospitals (2008), Business Schools (2008) and Repositories (2008), globally known as Webometrics Rankings.

The web portal receives more than 5 million of visits from over 200 different countries every year. In 2009 he was granted Honorary Doctorate by the Universitas Indonesia.

Isidro held more than 300 workshops, seminars and conferences in more than 100 Universities and professional societies worldwide. Scientific contributions consists of publication of close to 100 papers and books chapters, fifty of them in high impact journals and participation in more than 60 Congresses and International Conferences.