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Competition "My Successful Idea" finished
Jul 14, 2014

Competition "My Successful Idea" finished

Within the Project Office of International Burch University in the 2nd semester of academic 2014 a group of students was gathered for realization of the “My Successful Idea”project, which serves as a launching point of the innovative ideas with possibility of implementation in the fields of environment, society, and economy.

Process of the whole competition consisted of business workshops and seminars, open-question day, and competition, where students who wanted to participate could learn about requirements for opening business, marketing, budget, market research etc. Students got the extra help from experts and lecturers who were involved in implementation - Alen Jusupović, Edin Smajić and Faris Njemčević.

At the final stage of the competition, finalists presented their projects through the posters and oral presentations to the jury members Alen Jusupović, Edin Smajić, and Mersid Poturak.

1st place winner was Muhamed Bjelić, got the opportunity to realize his idea “Vertical Gardening” by opening his own company supported by the Burch University. 2nd place won Nedžad Isaković, 3rd Sulejman Sarajlija, 4th Ahmed Delić, and 5th place Jasmina Bajrami.

A group of students who were actively involved in the “My Successful Idea”project organization Alma Hurić, Aldina Rastoder, Anida Mekić, Ejub Hadžić, Almin Hasandić, Omer Džudžević, and Elvisa Buljubašić, together with the Project Coordinator Zafer Konaklı, got great support from the University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu.

Also sponsor companies Gradiz, Heldovac, Zirat, Carmella Caffe, Janjina, Amsi, Trgovir, ITD, Schenker, Bosna Sunce Osiguranje, HL Group, Natron Hayat contibuted to the Project a lot, so International Burch University and students would like to express their sincere appreciation to above mentioned companies.