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B&H Culture Day Held
Jan 09, 2014

B&H Culture Day Held

On 9th January starting at 9:00 pm campus of the International Burch University hosted Bosnia and Herzegovina Culture Day represented by institutions and organizations that have been proven as the authentic guardians of the treasury of cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina . Within the event history, art and architecture lessons and B/C/S language and literature competition for foreigners also took place.

After the age of nearly two decades since the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still our country is mentioned in the context of war and adverse political developments . In this connection , we wanted to show our students and the general public, especially to foreigners, that the wealth of this country are much more important.

Rector of the university, Prof . Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu ,addressed the audience stating that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique example of the meeting of east and west cultures influences , as well as great example of harmony and multicultural coexistence of different religions and cultures. Main coordinator of the event , Assoc.Prof.Dr. Azamat Akbarov also emphasized the importance of learning about the Bosnian and Herzegovinian culture and all its treasures.

Within the even Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina exhibited " Kulin Ban Charter" and "Medieval money" pieces in order to point the historical and cultural tradition. Artist Aid Rifatbegović, creator of Sarajevo Cube, and BH Crafts Association showed a modern interpretation of traditional crafts, traditions and monuments , and authentic note was given by workshops of pottery and presentation of the traditional Bosnian dishes . There were also coppersmith stand and few stands of creativ handworks.

History class was held by Senada Jusic from the Center for Balcanologyof Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina , arts class by Ivana Udovičić , professor ofa history of art at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, architectural heritage class by Dr. Nermina Mujezinović , Head of Department of Architecture at the Burch Universit , and the hour of the B/C/S language and literature by Zenaida Karavdić , Professor B / C / S language . There was also a contest of speaking B/C/S language for foreigners, and the winners were awarded with prizes.

1stplace winner Urmat Kadyrkunov

2nd runner up Omer Balkan

3rd place winner Harun Gulec

Social responsibility of educational institutions is to do everything to preserve the cultural and historical traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this regard management of the Burch University organized Bosnian-Herzegovinian Culture Day in order to contribute to a better understanding of history, culture,tradition and people in BH.

B&H Culture Day Held