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The First Research and Publication Workshop held
Mar 07, 2014

The First Research and Publication Workshop held

‘Building Research Capacity through Academic Networks’

Premises of the International Burch University on 7th of March were a place of gathering researchers and academics from 6 universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main objective was to bring together young academics and graduate students from the countrey in order to highlight the importance of scientific research, and address issues and challenges of conducting and publishing research. Also the intent for workshop was to serve as a forum for academic leaders to meet, and exchange personal experiences and achievements, as well as generate new ideas for collaborative research projects related to social sciences.

Sen.Teach.Assist. Edin Smajić, as one of the organizers welcomed the guests and expressed his satisfaction of seeing academics from 7 different universities at one place. He also introduced the participants with the program and invited Assoc. Prof.Dr. Teoman Duman and Prof. Dr. Meliha Handžić to address the audience on behalf of the Organization Comittee.

In the official program ofthe Workshop three speakers addressed the audience with their topics:

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Kenan Ešref Rašidagić, University of Sarajevo – Importance of research

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Jasmina Okičić, University of Tuzla – Research process

- Assist. Prof. Dr. Nino Serdarević, University of Zenica – Publishing researches.

In the afternoon all participants had a chance to join research groups of their fields of study and share their experiences and discover cooperation possibilities.


The First Research and Publication Workshop held