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International Women’s Day Celebration
Mar 07, 2014

International Women’s Day Celebration

University management gathered all female employees for the celebration of their holiday.

All administrative and academic female staff at Burch University gathered today at Burch Divan in order to celebrate International Women's Day. The celebration was honored by attendance of the Rector, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Uzunoğlu, Vice-Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Günay Karlı, Mr. Ceylani Akay, Chief of Rector’s Office, Mr. Admir Salihagić, Secretary General and Deputy Salih Gozaydın.

Rector Prof. Dr. Uzunoğlu addressed the ladies present, expressing appreciation on all efforts and hard work of the female staff, pointing that management is aware of contribution done by all ladies from technical support to academics. Rector Uzunoğlu also remembered few significant ladies that marked his road of success showing that behind every successful man there is a woman standing.

On behalf of women present, Prof. Dr. Nemina Mujezinović addressed thanking to the Rector and management for their kind attention and underlining that women working at the International Burch University are aware that their efforts are appreciated.

Kind attention toward women was also shown through the present packages and flowers for all women, as well as refreshment that was delivered by the Rector and management representatives. At the end of the program all ladies were awarded with free afternoon.


International Women’s Day Celebration