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Mar 12, 2014

Linköping University is our New Project Partner

Joint project application will be funded under Linnaeus-Palme programme.

Department of Information Technologies at the International Burch University and Linköping University applied jointly to The Swedish Council for Higher Education with the project carried out by Assist. Prof. Dr. Suleiman Abu Kharmeh and Professor Arno Jönsson, and were awarded a significant amount of money for implementation of the first stage of the project.

The goal of the main project is to establish a long-term bilateral cooperation with teacher and student exchange between Linköping University and International Burch University. Also, the expectation is that this exchange will stimulate the discussion of future research projects and collaboration between two departments and start a number of collaborations in the selected areas of teaching exchange.

Both Universities will share their strengths with project partner mainly in the topics of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Formal Modelling and Verification, CAD and CAV as well as Human Computer Interaction, Software Development, Computer Networks and Internet Security.

Also universities will benefit from an integration of global perspectives in teaching as well as curriculum development.