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Cover Letter and Résumé Writing Workshop
Dec 17, 2014

Cover Letter and Résumé Writing Workshop

Burch Career Services and Alumni Relations in collaboration with the Department of Oriental Philology held its first workshop“Cover Letter and Résumé Writing“, on December 16, 2014.

The workshop for students of second and fourth year of studies was consisted of the general introduction on how to prepare personal resume and adequate cover letter for desired position. Topics covered within two hours long workshop included main headlines as:

- general introduction to cover letters, cover letter guidelines, sample cover letters, writing cover letters
- sample résumés of alumni graduated from Turkish Language and Literature Department, guidelines for résumé writing, writing résumés, as well as Europass and LinkedIn profiles.

Students had the chance to see and discuss current job openings in Turkey, write their own cover letters and submit them together with resume for the open positions.

At the end they were given certificates of participation, and organizers agreed to continue with similar activities organization.

Cover Letter and Résumé Writing Workshop