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Nedjelja, 25. mart 2018.

"Dynamics Regenerative Architecture" Seminar
Dec 29, 2014

"Dynamics Regenerative Architecture" Seminar

Prof. Dr. Elma Durmišević from University of Twente, Netherlands, held a seminar on Dynamic Regenerative Architecture on 25th December 2014.

Aim of the lecture was to make the audience understand the gravity of current situation concerning usage of materials in construction, to encourage students to think about the effect of the buildings before, during and after their lifetime and to drive them to use recyclable and reusable materials as much as possible.

Audience included a variety of architecture students, professors and teaching assistants, who joined the discussion after the presentation about awareness or unawareness of architects on this subject. The lecture was very successful and resulted in broadened horizons of young future architects.

"Dynamics Regenerative Architecture" Seminar